This will be the first of a three part blog series on how The Jonesys are an a journey toward:

  • zero waste expeditioning,
  • having less and valuing more,
  • slowing down and spending time on things that really matter.

We want to adventure because we want to experience life to the fullest and positively impact the world in which we engage. We want to be good citizens and be kind to the earth.

We have the aim and aspirations to be a deliberate and conscious people,but sometimes everyday life just gets in the way. 

‘Only we humans create waste that nature can’t digest’ – Captain Charles Moore.

So what does that really mean? Let me use a metaphor that might hit closer to home.

Nature is throwing a kick ass party and everything on earth is invited.

All the other plants and animals in the ecosystem show up with a hostess gift in hand, plate of food or bottle of wine to share.

They have fun, eat and drink in moderation and leave plenty  of food for others to enjoy.

They clean up after themselves and are quiet when they leave as not to bother the neighbours.  What good houseguests!


We humans on the other hand show up late, drink all the booze in the house, eat every last appetizer on the plate and then head for the cupboards and clean those out too!   We spill red wine on the carpet, we track mud in the house and screaming and yell all night waking up the neighbors.   We are the worst houseguests in history. Seriously.

In my everyday life, I aim to be a ‘good houseguest’.  I do things like carry reusable shopping bags with me, I almost never buy bottled water and I support sustainable organizations and products.

However, I often find myself not living up to the name. I forget bring my Keep Cup with me when I order a coffee in the morning, I find myself getting home late so I order take away and it’s delivered in plastic and when I buy something online as I don’t have time to go to the shop it comes delivered in packaging and plastic that goes in the bin. And just like that, bam, I feel like a shitty houseguest.

And that’s the challenge for these fast pace times we live in. We live in a throwaway culture valuing speed and convenience, over quality and experience.

It’s not like we want to be shitty houseguests, we just have too many things on our plate. Add kids to that equation and well…things get even more interesting to say the least.

So when Justin and I decided to do this family expedition, I thought it would be a awesome opporutnity to shake off life’s modern day busy and do a fun three month life experiment– a modern day detox.  An opportunity for us to step back and get back to basics. Embrace the slow, the deliberate, the conscious and the less wasteful.

So when it came to planning this expedition – our aim is to be the best houseguests on the planet we can possibly be. So I have set us an intention, a stretch target if you will– I want us to be zero waste expeditioners.  A goal where each step we take positively impacts the places we are adventuring in.

I will be the first to admit we do not have all the answers and we won’t always be perfect but we are committed to ask more questions, work with others to find solutions and be on a journey of continuous improvement.

We look forward to having some fun and trying to do things differently. We also promise to share our journey, our wins and our losses, along the way.

Stay tuned for the other blogs on this topic coming up next:

  • Trash Talking – all about our zero waste expedition journey
  • What to Do with POO – what do we do with Morgan’s nappies/diapers?