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Justin and Lauren are modern day adventurers who believe you shouldn’t have to choose between having a family life and having an adventurous life. They want to challenge the traditional conventions of what it means to ‘settle down’ and prove that becoming a grown up can still be fun.

The Jonesys value experiences over possessions, have a love for travel, adventure and enjoy getting outside.   As first time parents to one year old daughter Morgan, their yearning to wander hasn’t waned – in fact it’s grown!

They believe the world is the best classroom and nature the greatest teacher, and can’t think of a better way to raise their daughter than exploring the world, getting outdoors and learning in the school of life.

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” – Oscar Wilde


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Justin Jones (affectionately known as Jonesy) has been lucky to have made the world of adventure his full time job. He is a professional adventurer who has most notably kayaked from Australia to New Zealand and traversed Antarctica.

Always curious about what’s just over that next hill or around the next bend, he is forever stoked to get out, explore and try new things.

Justin’s love of adventure is only rivalled by his love of his family and his food.  He loves thinking up new ideas for the next ‘cooking wild’ recipe he can create and share out in the bush.

Justin loves sharing these adventures through story telling and has produced and directed two award winning documentaries about his expeditions.

When not on epic adventures, he is hanging out with his family, planning the next one or out hiking in the bush.

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More of a micro than an extreme adventurer, Lauren loves all things travel, sustainable and getting out in nature. A long time sustainability advocate and strategist, Lauren has a vast knowledge of sustainable and responsible business and investment.  She believes in the power of business, collaboration and human experience to make a positive impact.

Born and raised in Seattle, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, she grew up with a keen appreciation of nature and playing outdoors – usually in the rain! Lauren will never turn down an opportunity to hug a tree and spoon her dog Ollie – who really is the best little spoon in the world.

Believing that self-discovery begins where your comfort zone ends and never being one to say no to a challenge, Lauren has decided to do something different than she’s ever done before and have an epic expedition with her family.

Lauren loves solving the worlds problems, preferably with a friend, a cup of coffee or a glass of red wine.

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Morgan is the littlest member of team Jonesy and is one year old. Morgan was born and raised in Bondi Beach, Australia, is a tiny foodie, loves her blankey, her family, her dog Ollie and is always on the move.

Life with her is always an adventure. Her parents think that the best way to raise a curious, kind and brave kid is to lead by example and take her along on some great adventures. She thinks that’s pretty cool.

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