Lauren and I (and Morgan…kinda) will be speaking at a very exciting and brand new event coming up this August – Adventurous Spirit. It’ll be on in Sydney, Gold Coast and Melbourne on 2, 4 and 5 of August and we CANNOT wait!

It’s the inaugural event put on by the team at the Adventurous Life Project and taps directly into the same sort of ethos that Lauren and I live by. 

The event is designed to create real change, inspire, excite and encourage people to build an adventurous life.  Attendees will walk away with ‘real’ tools and connections to make tangible change in their lives and in the lives of those around them; to step in, to step up and to choose life. They will be reinvigorated and ready to play more.

I am super stoked in particular to catch up and share the stage with Sam Gash and Seb Terry as MC (this guy is a SERIOUS HOOT! Love it!

This will be an unforgettable event, the first of its kind, and the start of an annual series. Check out the event and buy tickets at