I love the outdoors and I love camping but to be completely honest with you what I love more than the views, the nature, the physical challenge is…the breaks. Specifically; the meal breaks.

There’s not much that can surpass the feeling of ‘earning that meal’. It just tastes better somehow.

When I was a young kid, I used to be a bit of a porker…I loved to eat. (see sexy photo to the left – ladies I’m married)

Well let’s be real – I still love to eat.

I was sent to boarding school and away from the amazing meals that my mum and aunties used to prepare (sob). So when I got the chance, I learnt to cook. I figure if I liked to eat then I should learn to rustle up some decent grub!

Now I also love the outdoors and heading on adventures (micro, massive and everything in between!).

What does that mean…you combine two of my major passions and it kinda looks like this:

So welcome to the first of my ‘Cooking Wild’ recipes! These are going to be recipes that we’ll use on the expedition or stuff that’s too good not to share for general camping.

First on the menu; the basics…bread!

I can’t take credit for this recipe. I stumbled across a blog by probably one of the most informative outdoor ‘chicks’ ever – check out her blog here: https://lotsafreshair.com

Lauren and I are going to use this out on our expedition. Nothing like fresh hot bread when you are many days from a resupply or town!


  • flour
  • dry yeast
  • pinch of salt

At home:

Mix a handful of flour and yeast in plastic freezer bag or Ziploc bag (add a touch more yeast than normal…we want that bread real puffy). Close and pack in bag!

At the campsite:

  • Add water and kneed dough from outside of the bag.
  • Close bag, allowing a lot of air in and place some where warm to allow to rise. (think warm pocket, near fire). Leave for 20mins
  • Knead dough again.
  • Repeat #2
  • Squeeze out air, keeping bread untouched if possible (keep it fluffy)
  • Drop into pot of simmering water for 20-30mins
  • Remove from pot and plastic bag.
  • Toast and enjoy!


Now I have done this method a handful of time in the wild and I think it need modification.

I don’t like having to put this in freezer bags. I don’t like the unnecessary waste. I don’t trust that heating the plastic won’t let stray hydrocarbons or nasty chemicals into our food or the environment. Sure I might eat it in a pinch but I don’t really want Morgan to eat potentially minor contaminated bread.

So…I have been playing around with other concepts, using jars, enamel mugs and rubber bags for vessel that the bread is boiled in.

Another minor issue I’m trying to overcome is making a loaf rather than a roll. I’m thinking I’ll have to go with a shape that provides a hole in the middle so that we get better penetration into the bread and it cooks better.

Will let you know once perfected! In the interim eat up and just imagine the look on your bushwalking buddies faces when you crack out a fresh bread roll on day 5 of the Overland trek.

Happy eating legends!