Question. How do you carry enough supplies to survive and thrive in the Aussie Outback?

Answer. You need a beast of an outback hauling vehicle!

Now I am the first to admit that I am pretty useless with practical things (even though I learn pretty quickly), so I knew that I was going to need help making this all terrain supply cart



Enter good mate and all round welding ninja…yes it’s a thing; Tony Geros. He’s a gun welder and works for Tri-Point Rigging –  an awesome mob that works on all the major movie, opera and event sets around Australia (and
all terrain hauling carts).

The cart has to be light so it’s not a burden to drag, durable enough to last hauling 1800km across the Outback and strong enough to carry a load of 180kg. It’s made of thin 6060 alloy aluminium which was ‘fun’ to weld as Tony tells me, and has two DICE Fat Ollie tires to roll on.

Getting the chance to ‘make’ something is such a fun part of the project. I honestly think as adults we forget that learning a new skill is fun. Children are constantly learning and I think that we have a lot to learn from them as long as we take the time to slow down and be present.

There are still a couple of mods that we need to made to the cart. We’ve recently made the decision to increase the fat tire wheel width, which require different hubs and allow us to add the brakes onto the cart!













Time’s a ticking…