For our expedition, we’ve looked long and hard for recipes that are durable, lightweight, highly nutritious, unprocessed, low waste, affordable, oh and super yummy – is that too much to ask?!

Given we will be living out in the Outback for 3 months and all of us in the Jonesy crew LOVE to eat (Morgan’s first proper word was MORE while pointing to the food on her plate), we’ve had to create a rotating menu that is super tasty and will keep us properly fuelled as we walk across the Outback. You can read more about Justin’s love of ‘Cooking Wild’ here.

At first, our options seemed to be either convenient but then super processed or lightweight but not tasty or not low waste etc etc….all of which didn’t fit the type of adventure we were aspiring too.

It wasn’t until we came across an awesome book called the Extreme Gourmet – High energy, lightweight recipes for the outdoor enthusiast – written by Sonya Muhlsimmer, that really inspire us to keep creating our own homemade food out in the bush and gave us tons of great recipe ideas with full nutritional content to boot!

So we did what any other sane, rational people would do, we Google stalked her and found out she lived in the Blue Mountains (Australia), tracked down her number and called her out of the blue.   Thankfully she was really lovely, didn’t think we were total stalkers and invited us up for tea – how nice! So we packed the car with the one year old and labordoodle in tow and descended on her lovely mountain abode.

A few months later, after a lot of brainstorming and back and forth between the Cooking Wild chef aka Justin Jonesys and the Extreme Gourmet aka Sonya Muhlsimmer, we are about to embark on a three months trip, admittedly made more exciting with a super awesome, super tasty, unprocessed, homemade, revolving 8 day meal plan!

As many people have asked us about our meal planning, we thought we would introduce you to the Extreme Gourmet herself and asked her to share her favourite bush recipe, favourite adventure spot and her must take camping cooking item. See all of her tips and awesome recipe below!! Thanks Sonya!

(oh and I am not sure what the protocol here is but just in case anyone is wondering, no, we are not paid to say any of this, we genuinely think her book and all of our partners are awesome or else we wouldn’t say it and are super thankful for all the support getting us going on this adventure)

Straight from the Extreme Gourmet herself!  ……..

What’s your favourite Extreme Gourmet meal?


My favorite meal is Pizza. I love making fresh dough and after a long multi day hike having a freshly made, crispy base with a rich tomato topping is divine. I can use up some of my over rationed cheese and salami and the toppings you can have on a pizza can be varied.  Here is the recipe.

(yes, The Jonesys will be taking and eating this little gem out in the bush for sure!)


Pizza 1 serve
Plain flour ¾ cup, 130 grams
Raw sugar 1 tsp, 5 grams Bag 1
Dry yeast 1 tsp, 4 grams flour mix
Salt, pepper few pinches
Grated parmesan 1½ Tbsp, 18 grams
Italian herb mix ½ tsp, 1 gram parmesan mix
Ground chilli few pinches
Sun dried tomatoes 2 each, 10 grams Keep separate
Salami 8 thin slices, 15 grams Keep separate
Tomato paste 25 grams Keep separate
Water ⅓ cup
Vegetarian option
Dried mushrooms ¼ cup, 4 grams Bag 3
Water ½ cup for soaking


At home prep:

Cut out two pieces of greaseproof paper to fit bottom of pan and place with bags.  Place all ingredients into the allocated bags. Label bags with the allocated number. Print out method at camp label and place with bags.  Keep Tomato paste separate.  For the vegetarian option, place mushrooms into a separate bag.

Method at camp:

Place the contents of Bag 1 (flour mix) into a bowl, then add ⅓ cup of water slowly, stirring together to make a dough. Knead the dough in the bowl for a few minutes until it comes together to resemble a smooth elastic dough, then leave to sit for about 10 minutes. For the vegetarian option soak the mushrooms (Bag 3) in ½ cup water for 10 minutes while you are waiting for the dough. When ready, place a piece of greaseproof paper on a pan, spread the dough out as much as you need to cover the paper. Place on a low heat and cook on one side for 2 minutes until the dough sets on the bottom. Take the pan off the heat, place the spare baking paper over the base and flip the dough over. Remove the paper over the top and spread the tomato paste over the dough. Spread the contents of Bag 2 (parmesan and herb mix), sun dried tomato and the salami (or mushrooms for the vegetarian option) over the base, making sure that the mushrooms are fully rehydrated before adding them. Or even add a few slices of cheese from your ration. Put the pan back on the heat, cover with a lid and cook for about 5 to 6 minutes then enjoy.

(You can find more of her amazing recipes and can either order a hard copy or an e-book from her directly here. Oh and portion of sales will be donated to not-for-profit environmental groups which made us feel happy too)

What’s your ‘must take’ bush cooking item?

Grease proof paper for the bottom of the pot or pan. If your pots or pans are not ‘non stick’, the paper helps the food not to stick, or burn on the bottom of the pan. The paper helps the pizza dough or scone dough not to stick, it contains cake batter and also helps when taking the cake out of the pan when the cake is cooked.

What’s your favourite adventure spot?

The Blue Mountains where I live. There are canyons, bush walks and rock climbing crags right out my front door!

Also, as its hard to pic just one, my most recent all time favourite multi day hike is the Western Arthur Ranges, Tasmania.