Expedition day 102 Distance travelled1821KM Distance walked1609KM
Lauren's Steps2,291,766 Justin's Steps 2,861,756 Funds raised $6,357

The Purple House

The Jonesys are walking 1,800kms, through the centre of the Australian Outback. During our expedition we will be crossing some amazing landscapes and even more amazing communities.

In alignment with our mission to LIVE KIND and LIVE GREAT, we want to give more than we receive and partner with others doing great things along the way.

The Western Desert Nganampa Walytja Palyantjaku Tjutaku (WDNWPT) – or Western Desert Dialysis, is one of those great organizations doing great work.

More lovingly known as The Purple House by patients, their families and the communities, WDNWPT provides necessary treatment to people in the remote Australian Western Desert regions, facing Kidney failure.

Indigenous Australians have a 25% higher rate of kidney failure than non Indigenous Australians. Treatment is required for several hours, three times a week. Without treatment they will pass away. Without treatment close to their homes, they have to leave country and family support to stay alive.

By supporting WDNWPT, you are helping to open several new regional treatment facilities, helping people get safely home where they can participate in community life, pass along valuable cultural knowledge down to their grandchildren, and help create stronger, healthier communities.

Please support us, support them, their patients and the indigenous communities that they serve.

100% of your donations go directly to the Purple House fund raising efforts. Whether its $5, $50, $500 - it all goes to a totally appreciated, totally worthy, totally awesome, totally necessary cause and is tax deductible in Australia.

Live Kind and Live Great!

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